13h Repas (réservation obligatoire) – 14h Concert

Ce sera à coup sur un des points culminants de la saison. Nous avons la chance de vous proposer un concert de musique traditionnelle chinoise, quelques jours avant la célébration du nouvel an. Une après-midi à ne pas manquer !!!!

Un buffet composé de spécialités culinaires chinoises vous sera proposé par le Chef Li qui tient un restaurant à Wavre, rue de Bruxelles (merci de réserver votre repas avant le 24/01/2019 !!!)

Li-Ling HUANG was born in Taipei, Taiwan. Her deep interest in and passion for music stem from an early age and, driven by a serious sense of artistic perfection, she has now become an accomplished music professional. Li-Ling graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts, majoring in Chinese zither: Guzheng, and ancient Chinese zither: Guqin. After graduation, she toured Japen with a Chinese music ensemble. She also began teaching these instruments at the Shi-jian Technical College … (la suite par ici)

Hua XIA was born in Beijing, China. Under the influence and early training of his father, Ren-Gen XIA-a renowned ‘ pi-pa’ performer in China, HUA subsequently stadied the ‘pi-pa’ with different masters from conservatory, which had played a vital role in shaping and consolidating Hua’s technique and musicianship.

Hua came to Belgium in 1987 to embark on studies in carillon-playing at the Royal Carillon School ‘Jef Denyn’ Mechelen and graduated in 1995 along with his wife, Li-Ling HUANG, who both became the first Chinese musicians to have obtained diplomas from carillon school … (la suite par ici)